The Seed of a Tree

Musical tale for children


Improvisational music by Odile Bruckert & Sam Marzbani

accompanied by a narrator with a dancer

Sam & Odile at the end of a performance with a live dove, next to posters of a series of their performances in France

recording the original french version of the tale

This musical tale for children on the theme of peace has been written by Sam Marzbani in 2016, and has been ever since been performed with Odile Bruckert numerous times in halls and schools in France. BAIM is preparing a CD-Book production of the work in English, German and French languages, followed by performances in European countries for wide audiences.


BAIM will present a new version of this work with additional presence of a narrator (in German and English version) and a female dancer portraying the role of the key character of the tale. We thus intend to edit a CD-Book with illustrations, as well as a future DVD with the performance of the tale with dancer, and in international language version.